Linnea Residence is committed to maximizing each person's absolute 
creative potential, developing plans to fit their capabilities and specific needs. 

Each individual’s development is assessed annually and from these 
evaluations an interdisciplinary person-centered approach is utilized 
to plan goals to aid in the development of each person’s maximum 
functional capabilities. 

Emphasis throughout the program is focused on each individual’s 
personal choice and positive reinforcement of increasing independence 
and socially acceptable behavior. 

Priority areas or programming include behavior, communication, 
community, recreation/leisure, self care and domestic.

Other components of Linnea's programming include: 

  • 24-hour care with 1:4 or 2:4 staffing ratio  
  • Residents are encouraged to assist with household tasks alongside caregivers       
  • Residents are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of community and/or religious activities  
  • Family members are encouraged to maintain contact with residents.  Staff assist the residents in a person-centered approach to assist them with maintaining all relationships  
  • Many residents participate in day achievement programs off-site

The staff at Linnea include the Administrator/Program Director, the Program 
Coordinator/QDDP, Health Care Coordinator/LPN, Assistant Coordinator 
and Direct Care Professionals.  In addition, the facilities utilize the services 
of a dietician, registered nurse, MD and pharmacist on a consultant basis.

I've worked closely with Linnea Residence staff and consumers since the first day it opened over 30 years ago.  Linnea has maintained a high quality of care for residents through consistent, caring and competent staff that address individual needs and interests with respect and dignity.  

It has been a privilege to coordinate supports all these years with such a caring and committed group of people who genuinely try on a daily basis to enrich the lives of all who live there.

- Susan Wehrenberg, DT&H Program Director
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Linnea Residential Home Inc.
Linnea Residential Home, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Linnea is licensed 
by the State of Minnesota's Department of Health as an Intermediate Care Facility for  Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities(ICF/IID); and by the Department of Human Services under 
Rule Consolidation 245D. We are a participant in the Federal Government Medical 
Assistance Program and receive a daily per diem rate in compensation for its services.
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